The Simpsons Tapped Game – HD graphics and scenes seasonal with awesome gameplay


The game embark with the characters chosen by the player of the game and the main job of the player is to build the city which previously came to an end due to the mistake of the Homer who is the main character of The Simpsons Tapped game. The gamer of the game has to bring back the citizens of the city and rebuild the city and also performs some tasks to save the city and the dwellers of the city. After completing all the given actions and tasks, player of the game gets some cash and donuts of the game. Player of the game can also use The Simpsons Tapped Cheats tool for earning the cash.

Select favorite characters in the game

Player can select the characters of the game and help them to reunite with his or her loved ones as Marge, Lisa, Maggie as well as Ned Flanders. Re-populate the city Springfield with player’s favorite characters is another important task of the game. Player can choose dresses for the characters from the options such as Lizard Queen Lisa or Daredevil Bart.

Take charge and build Springfield

Player of the game has control in his hand to own life and build his own Springfield. Player may expand his town to the Waterfront, grow his city businesses with the glamorous shops of it and may enjoy city Springfield sights and so on. Control of the lives of citizens is in hands of the player.

Conform-O-Meter of the game

Player of it uses many areas of the game that tell star rating of the game to the player and it is known as Conform-O-Meter. The more star rating of the game means the faster growth of the game. And for this player gets cash and donuts of the game to level up. The Simpsons Tapped Cheats cannot be underestimated for the same purpose.