Go Through the 2 Main Types of Currency in Fun Run 3


The in-game currency in Fun Run 3 plays really a vital role. It is used for performing all significant and classic tasks or activities. Players have to know that they simply make use of the currency to go far in the game or you can say to make good and quick progress in Fun Run 3. Now, the major thing is that what are the two main types of in-game currency in Fun Run 3? Well, as you that there are two main types of currency present in the game and both are as follows –

  1. Coins – It is the basic type of currency in it and players have to earn it as to perform all necessary tasks in it. Coins are also earned by making the use of fun run coin hack and cheats as well.
  2. Gems – It is a premium type of currency that is present in Fun Run 3. The same type of currency is a little hard to earn as compared to coins. Also, gems are earned by using the cheats and hack option in Fun Run 3.

Therefore, the above mentioned are the 2 main types of in-game currency which exist in Fun Run 3 and about them every single player should know.

Ways to earn both types of currency

In Fun Run 3, there are lots of ways or methods present by which you simply become able to earn currency in both types. Some of the main ways are mentioned below –

  • Users of the game earn currency in both types of completing the sign-up process in the game and also by connecting the game with Facebook.
  • Gamers also grab a good amount of currency by completing all objectives and different levels in Fun Run 3.
  • They can also get an unlimited amount of currency in both forms that are coins and gems by making the use of cheats in it with the hack option.

Finally, these are the main 3 ways by which every player of Fun Run 3 earn currency in sufficient amount and in an easy way.