Clash Royale Beginning Guide

Clash Royale – Beginning guide

Some of the strategy based games are ruling over the Google Play Store and Apple App Store from a long time and the main reason behind this factor is interactive gameplay with interactive features. Clash Royale is the trending game that released few years back after the success of Clash of Clans. Supercell worked well and provided one of the best games that have lots of things to do. Earning currency is one of the important parts in this game and if you are not able to earn it in proper amount then it is hard to progress. Well, Gold is the currency of the game that is primary and gem play the premium currency role. You have so many things to do and if you are not focusing on the earning of currencies then every other thing won’t help in progression. First of all, earn a good amount first and then progress by getting the right troops. You must focus on getting some of the best troops that can help in distracting opponent.

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In order to earn more gold and gems, you need to battle with opponent and win over them. It is tough in the starting stages but you can do it with ease. You have to get some of the right troops. There are lots of troops and these are divided in three categories common, epic and rare. Get the right troops first. Basically, there is nothing like right kind of troops because it all depends on your strategy. How you play and how you distract the opponent are some of the common thing that can change the more chances of winning. First of all, collect some of the right cards and then use the practice mode to learn. Join an active clan and do friendly battles with friend and it will help you learn how to play. It will help in learning the method to play and building a good strategy. Even if you have some of the good strategy still then you should focus on the opponent strategy and observing well. Always try to use the troops on right time and go fast while doing it because it is going to help in winning.

Key Facts

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It is fact that everyone want to be the top gamer however the currencies play the vital role in winning. Some use generator tools and some focus on the use of in-app purchases but you can still rely on the methods given by developers because it can help in earning good amount with ease. In the beginning, you have the tutorials and tweaks to help. Must follow these because it is going to help in learning the method to play and win over opponent. You should stay away from the use of generator tool because it can be harmful and you can end up getting banned. In such conditions, you have to create a new account and begin from collecting the troops’ cards again.