Choices Stories You Play – A Walkthrough Guide 

In the gaming era, you can find many games by using the game stores. It is not easy to find the best game from the vast collection. For the simulation game lovers Choices Stories You Play is the fantastic game to convert the stressful life into entertainment. You can meet with a huge collection of different novels such as fantasy, romance and many more. It is not easy to stop playing when you start it. If you want to become the best player in it, then it is must to spend more time to read the stories.

It is a free game with the in-app purchase option. Players can use the real world money in the needy time. Here I am giving you more details about the game.

Information about gameplay

When you start the game, you get the option to customize the character. After completing the process, you can meet with a huge collection of stories here. It is your decision to choose your favorite story as per the taste and mood. It is must to earn the coins and diamonds to unlock the new chapters in early stages. In case you close the game while reading a chapter, then it is not possible to restart that chapter again.

If you don’t like the story, then you can quickly switch to another story with the help of the home button. All the players have their different choice about the stories. Here the huge collection of stories is available, and it is the main reason behind the popularity of this game.

Best tips

  • The game doesn’t give the permission to the players to replay the chapter. Players avoid spending the money on it because you can meet with many more chapters again. By using the premium features it is possible to do, but it is wastage of money.
  • It is the best part of the game that you can move from one story to another easily. For example: if the player wants to read many of stories in a sequence, then it is possible by using the switching feature.
  • It is better for the players to earn more diamonds in starting stages. You can unlock many of different chapters and outfits of character by using the diamonds with Choices Hack.
  • Try to read more stories and up your level quickly. The amount of reward automatically increases as per the standard of the level.