Boxing Star – A Walkthrough Guide

There are many sports based games are available for the mobile users, and these games are gaining more popularity than other games. Boxing Star is a mobile title in the sports genre, and you will meet a lot of amazing fights in it. You can feel like real boxing view in it because the graphics of the game is very impressive.  You have to create a character in the starting point to train them for the fights.

You should try to learn the best moves with the help of Boxing Star Cheats. Take help from the dodges to save your energy in fights. If you are the beginners, then you should complete all the tutorials to get the basic knowledge about the game.

Hyper skills 

Always try to learn the new skills to play the game more effectively. It is better for you to use the hyper skills in the difficult fights because big fights can help you to earn a significant amount of rewards.  When your hyper skill bar is charged full, then you can use that power any time in the game to win the match. Try to upgrade your gloves, because if you have the best glove, then it helps you to hit harder. You have to tap the skill icon to use the power to fight.

Free rewards

After a big victory, the game gives you a chance to earn free gold coins, and you have to share your victory on Facebook to collect the reward. You should connect your game with, and it also gives you one time rewards. If you are facing difficulties for earning coins in the game, then you should start to watch free advertisement videos. It is the easiest way in the game, and you can watch many videos after every victory. By watching these videos, you can earn new powers and a huge amount of coins easily.

Final words 

Don’t miss the chance to earn free coins in the game, always try to watch the free ads videos time by time. You can unlock new items for your player with these rewards.