Assault Rifles And SMG Of Garena Free Fire


The game called Garena Free Fire is related to the shooting so players will find lots of weapons in the game. You can easily use any assault rifle in order to kill the enemies that exist at a short distance. Therefore, it is all about your skills that how you are going to use the weapons because not every rifle is easy to use so, you must have some deep knowledge about it. Garena Free Fire hack is the most useful and genuine source that can help players to gain the desired amount of diamonds. Here I am going to share some valuable facts related to the game.

Assault Rifles

Let me start from the Assault Rifles those are getting popularity in the game and here are some examples of the Assault Rifles –

  • AN94 that comes with the damage of 59 and 64 of Range, but it requires 4 attachments.
  • M4A1 is the rifle that gives rage of 77, and if you have all 5 attachments, then you can easily make it useful for killing the enemies.
  • GROZA may look small rifle but you its damage are really superb and come with 75 ranges which are enough to kill the opponent.

Well, all these great rifles are available in the game so you can easily take its advantages for making different shots during the match.

SMG (Small Machine Guns) and LMG (Light Machine Guns)

SMG guns are the gun that may look not so cool, but it would be the fastest gun that you ever use. Well, here are some great examples of it.

  • P90 is the SMG that has 48 damage and 27 ranges, but it also has 2 attachments.
  • If we talk about the MP40, then it also gives 48 damages, but its range is 22 and only 1 attachment.
  • UMP liked by the players because it is fast and its damage is also 48.

Well, all these points will help you to understand the use of rifles.